Food Ideas for Toddlers | Breakfast to Dinner Vegetarian Toddler Meal Ideas

This is how I've been making notes on this large paper taped on the wall near my desk on food ideas for my fussy toddler twins. (Yes, I am a very organized person (if you did not already know that!))

When I have ideas listed out in front of me instead of in my head, it's easy to scan through and decide what to give the kids each day.  If one combination doesn't work, I try the other.  My one year old twins are very, very, super, extreme, unbelievably annoying picky eaters.  So I have to try really hard to make them eat and like something.
Click here for the complete PDF file

I will add more toddler meal ideas to this list as I come across more options.  If you are looking for vegetarian food ideas for your toddler, I hope you will find my list* useful.  I write some remarks in brackets for example what to serve it with, or a short quick recipe.

* I am not a nutritionist, dietitian, pediatrician, or physician.  This list is for my own ideas that I'm sharing with everyone.  You know your child best (likes, dislikes, food allergies).  Foods should be chopped in size and cooked with spices only according to how your child prefers.
Download my neatly typed, sorted out, printer-friendly PDF file from here: Vegetarian Food Ideas for Toddlers (yep, I am so organized that I almost need an intervention...ha ha ha)
Remember to come back to check this page for updates.  If you have more ideas or if any foods worked with your child, go ahead and share with me too!


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