Aluminum Foil Surprise Activity for Kids | Birthday Countdown Ideas

Birthday Countdown: ◙ 18 days to go: Aluminum Foil Surprise 

On this day I gave them an 'Aluminum Foil Surprise' activity. I traced the outer lines of 20+ small objects from their toy box on a large sheet of paper, then wrapped those objects in aluminum foil, placed in a container with depth, & taped some twines from one side of the container to another.

Eggless Sugar Cookies Recipe | Baking with Kids | Birthday Countdown

Birthday Countdown: ◙ 19 days to go: Bake Cookies  

On this day of birthday countdown for kids, we baked Eggless Sugar Cookies together. I have been baking with them since they were 3 years old (check out our YouTube videos), so it's not a new activity for them. But the different thing about this day's activity, especially for their birthday, was using cookie cutter to make cookies (earlier I have mostly made chocolate chip cookies that are quick to drop and bake), and then they made the cookie icing first time, and then piped it onto their cookies...of course as I guided them alongside. And they were excited at each step to bake and decorate their own cookies!

Birthday Cake Craft for Kids | Decorate Your Own Cake Activity

Birthday Countdown: ◙ 20 days to go: Birthday Cake Craft  

On this day, their note said:

For your countdown craft activity, I'm going to give you a paper birthday cake...
Use pompoms and paper and stickers for frosting, and let's see what you make!

Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows | Hot Chocolate Recipe

Birthday Countdown: ◙ 21 days to go: Hot chocolate with Marshmallows  

On this day, in the note in their birthday countdown drawer I wrote:

"When you both were born, it was a special day, it felt like a dream,
For your countdown today, let me give you hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream!"

Birthday Stickers | Birthday-Themed Stickers | Birthday Goodies for Kids

Birthday Countdown: ◙ 22 days to go: Puffy birthday-themed stickers ◙

On this day my kids got a simple, small, but cute gift: birthday themed puffy stickers

Kids love stickers in all forms, colors, shapes, and sizes. My kids have a box they keep all their new stickers in. And especially the cutest prettiest stickers never get used and they keep saving it for later. I think they got that from me. 😁

Pass The Parcel Game | Birthday Games for Kids

Birthday Countdown: ◙ 23 days to go: Pass the Parcel game 

This was the first day of their birthday countdown. On this day my kids played Pass the Parcel for the first time. This game is also known as Hot Potato. In fact, Pass the parcel is a fun game to play when having an afternoon tea-party, evening dinner get-together with family, children's birthday party, on any occasion such as New Years, outdoors at a weekend picnic, or a casual meetup with friends and family. Adding forfeits for pass the parcel game is a great idea to make it challenging and interesting for people of all ages.

25+ Birthday Countdown Ideas for Kids | Birthday Countdown Surprise Ideas

For my twins' 6th birthday, I planned a 24-day birthday countdown. The idea was to give them one thing each day - a craft, a game, an activity, a thing, an edible treat, or an experience, and repeat. I wrote rhyming notes for each day and put the notes in the little drawers of the advent calendar shadow box that I turned into their birthday countdown shadow box. Each day my kids had NO clue what they would get because I planned and prepared everything when they slept, and they received a new surprise each day. They loved their birthday countdown so much, and bring it up in our conversations so many times, that I can tell it was one of the best decisions I made this year to make not just their birthday but their entire month memorable. In this post I'm sharing what we did for their birthday countdown.

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