-- for all these --

For all the nights you woke up crying
Sometimes spoiling my sleep every two hours

For all the early mornings you woke up before me
And pulled my hair to wake me up

For all the fuss during bottlefeeding
And for biting me so bad when nursing

mystery kids

I am very active on social media and I post frequently about myself and my life.  But since the birth of my babies, there's one thing I did differently -- I posted photos of them only where their face was not clearly visible.  Just this "mystery" factor I wanted to keep (like some celebrities hide their kids to avoid the paparazzi...haha).  While many of our Facebook friends were eager and hopeful to see faces of our "mystery kids", many seem annoyed with me blurring the face or not wanting to post their clear photos.  And I did go on like this for ONE WHOLE YEAR!  Since their birth, these are the kind of pictures I posted on Facebook, keeping the suspense alive for the entire year (finally unveiled on 1st March 2016) -----

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