December 2016 Daily Vlogs | Day in the life of mom of twins

In my previous video blogging journey, I had published a 100 vlogs of my life raising twins.  My last vlog ended in August 2016 and I announced that I wanted to take a break from vlogging because it consumed way too much time from my life.  Well, I resumed vlogging a year ago just for the month of December 2016 and decided to post here the playlist from that month.

Dec Vlog 1: Did you have a good day?

Dec Vlog 2: Watercolor Painting

Dec Vlog 3: Someone's Getting a Time-Out

Dec Vlog 4: New Toy Airplane

Dec Vlog 5: I love My Mommy

Dec Vlog 6: Mumma Keshav NO!

Dec Vlog 7: Ear Piercing

Dec Vlog 8: Throwing Tantrums

Dec Vlog 9: Magnetic Doodle

Dec Vlog 10: Adults having fun

Dec Vlog 11: First visit to a Gurudwara

Dec Vlog 12: Can you draw a ...

Dec Vlog 13: Another Mommy & Me Event

Dec Vlog 14: Head Shoulder Knees and Toes

Dec Vlog 15: Put it in your mouth

Dec Vlog 16: Tummy Khaana

Dec Vlog 17: Christmas Lights

Dec Vlog 18: New Toy for Pretend Play

Dec Vlog 19: Won't Let Me Do Any Work

Dec Vlog 20: New Convertible (Car Seat)

Dec Vlog 21: That Ball

Dec Vlog 22: Temporary OCD

Dec Vlog 23: Ring Around The Roses

Dec Vlog 24: Cranky All Day

Dec Vlog 25: The Struggle Is Real

Dec Vlog 26: Mirror Mirror

Dec Vlog 27: Giraffes Can't Dance

Dec Vlog 28: Llama Llama Time to Share

Dec Vlog 29: Every Ounce of Patience

Dec Vlog 30: A Musical Day

Dec Vlog 31: New Year's Eve

If I ever write a book about my motherhood journey as a mom of twins, looking at this list here I think I have a pretty good idea what the names of the chapters of my book are going to be. :D

Cookie Cutter Shape Matching | Toddler Activities

There was this box of Wilton 101 cookie cutters lying at home past 3 years.  The box that I had grabbed when I played the White Elephant game at an event.  The box of cookie cutters that I did not use because the pieces were so large and I never baked such big cookies.  So one day when I was cleaning and organizing the garage and saw these plastic, colorful, cookie cutters in 101 shapes, I knew just how to use them for a non-cookie purpose!

cookie cutter shape matching activity

Snack Ideas for Kids in Preschool

In the first week that Keshav and Alisha started preschool, after 2 days of sending carrots in their snack box I realized they spent so much time trying to chew the raw carrots that they didn't end up eating the other snacks.  On the 3rd day I got a note attached to the box from their teacher saying I'm sending too much food and that their snack time is only 15 minutes!  By day 4 I was scratching my head because I needed more snack ideas to pack for a preschooler!  By the end of the week, I tried to keep their snacks simple and was hoping they were eating it within the time limit, and that they would come back home with an empty box.  After all, that's one of the most happy moments for a mother to see her child eat, and eat well!

Bottles and Lids Matching Activity for Toddlers

Toddlers have different phases and interests each month, as I have noticed.  One month they are suddenly interested in puzzle activities, the next month they are obsessed about pouring from one container into another, the next month it's something else. Some things change in a snap within a week too!

When I noticed them opening and closing boxes and bottles past some weeks, I created a bottle and lid matching activity for them.

Crayon Resist Secret Message Watercolor Painting | Activities for Kids

One of the weekly morning activities for Alisha & Keshav is painting.  I fold and put out the sturdy diaper boxes as their "easel", cut out a paper from their easel roll as their "canvas", pour out the Crayola washable watercolor paints in the palette, give them paint brushes and let them paint away.

This time I tried something new.  It's called crayon resist watercolor painting.

Heart in Hand Card | Valentine's Day Activity Idea for Kids

Today evening I did a Valentine's Day activity with kids and we made the heart in hand card.  I'd been meaning to do this throughout the day but today our breakfast and lunch and nap and snack and all timings were messed up and my schedule was thrown out the window!

Birthday Photoshoot | 6 Days To Go

6 Days –
I dressed them up in a black & white theme today.  I love Alisha's classy white dress (I bought it in Thailand last year)! 

Birthday Photoshoot Countdown | 7 Days

7 Days –
I rarely dressed them up in same clothes since their birth, so for this birthday countdown photoshoot I'm kinda missing the "twin" factor that a photo of twins has--especially when wearing the same clothes!

Birthday Countdown | 8 More Days

8 Days –
I was apprehensive about them pulling the backdrop down.  They get excited seeing new things and they are (almost) 2 year olds  so I had less hope for the paper chain backdrop staying intact for the birthday countdown photoshoot today but to my surprise my kids didn't bother or even touch the paper chain garland!

Birthday Countdown Photo Shoot | 9 Days Away

9 Days 
I don't know how portrait photographers take pictures of toddlers.  Even with high ISO these kids move SO much, or they don't want to look at the camera, or I have to ask my mom/husband to talk/sing or do anything to grab their attention.  Most of the photos are blurred because of their constant movement, and I was clicking on Manual mode on my camera because photos on any other modes were not turning out great since I wasn’t having any special lights or lamps, so the photos were looking whitish or weird-ish!

Birthday Countdown Photoshoot Begins | 10 days

10 Days -
I was so excited to start this birthday countdown photoshoot for my twins' 2nd birthday.  Last year exactly on their 1st birthday I flew from India to Thailand and my family in Bangkok organized their birthday party and made all the arrangements.  I did not do anything special for them for their birthday so I was kinda sorta making up for it now I guess!?

Popsicle Stick Activity for Toddlers | Activity Ideas for Kids

Because it is cold and it is raining these days, because I'm looking for simple and easy indoor activity ideas for kids these days, because my kids are losing interest in store-bought toys these days, because as they are growing their attention span is decreasing these days -- I came up with this popsicle stick activity for kids.

Shapes Matching Activity for Toddler | Learning Shapes

We've been learning shapes past 1 month and Alisha and Keshav can recognize 7 shapes so far.  So I made this very simple and basic shapes matching activity for kids yesterday.

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