1 month

My babies turned 1 month old today, and my God - what an unbelievable, overwhelming, challenging, adventurous roller coaster ride it has been.  And I'm not even sure if that description does any justice.

i gave birth to twins

The room was cold.

My ob-gyn checked the babies' position on ultrasound one last time before deciding to proceed with the c-section.  I was scheduled to be taken into the operating room at 8 PM.  The anesthesiologist was standing by my head side on the right, monitoring my blood pressure and my heart rate.  I was lying down on the operating table just after he injected a liquid in my spine (for which he asked me to bend in front as further as I could) and I felt the liquid flow down.  Then he pressed something on my stomach and asked if I felt anything.  Then he dabbed a wet cotton and asked if I felt anything.  He had to ensure the spinal anesthesia he injected worked so I would not feel a thing chest-down.  He also gave me live commentary on what was happening beyond the curtain that blocked my view of the operation so that I'm aware.  Perhaps because I was constantly asking him questions to know what was going on.

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