Sunday ToyDay | New Toys for my Toddlers

I like to give a new toy every Sunday to my twins.  There is a box in which I collect toys and games for them; some chosen from Amazon, some bought from the Dollar Tree or from Target, some that friends gifted, and some for ages 4+ that I bought from Bangkok when they were not even 1 year old.  Whether it's a puzzle, a soft toy, or anything that kids haven't seen or played with before -- I (usually, if I remember and don't get too busy!) give it to them on Sundays.

100 vlog episodes | Life with twins | Video blogging journey

What started out as casual vlogging of my "life with twins" became something really exciting for me as I went back to watch my previous vlogs.  I realized that time flies so fast, kids grow up so fast, and our life becomes so busy revolving around them that we forget things so fast.  My vlogging gave me golden memories for a lifetime.

So here are the 100 vlog episodes, ranging between 16th March 2016 to 1st August 2016.  I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I still do!

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