Sunday ToyDay | New Toys for my Toddlers

I like to give a new toy every Sunday to my twins.  There is a box in which I collect toys and games for them; some chosen from Amazon, some bought from the Dollar Tree or from Target, some that friends gifted, and some for ages 4+ that I bought from Bangkok when they were not even 1 year old.  Whether it's a puzzle, a soft toy, or anything that kids haven't seen or played with before -- I (usually, if I remember and don't get too busy!) give it to them on Sundays.

This way,
1) Their collection of toys will increase over months instead of having too many things at once in their toy basket,
2) They won't get bored of seeing all their toys at once and will give me a chance for rotating toys,
3) I want to teach them to learn to wait, to teach what it is like to be patiently looking forward to something new,
4) Whether it is a small $1 toy or a $50 game, I want them to be equally happy and excited with what they get.

And when they grow up, I wish to give them one new book every Sunday.  When their days of toy baskets are over, I want them to start building their own little library.  And regardless of me being around, I want them to learn to add at least one new thing or activity once in their week.  And I wish they keep that wide-eyed excitement forever in their life.

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