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Ever since January 2020 when I heard the news about the novel coronavirus spreading in China, there was a slight unrest but it didn't bother me that much until we started hearing of covid-19 spreading in California, WHO announcing it as a pandemic, President of United States of America declaring a national emergency, coronavirus spreading in Thailand and India too where most of my family resides, and shelter in place ordered in some counties of Bay Area where businesses have shut down and only essential places are open.  Things have escalated unbelievably in these two months of February and March that the whole world is shook.  I have been feeling very overwhelmed like everyone and the emotions are just piling up each day, so I penned my feelings in the form of poetry as usual.  I know each person is going through a lot so I thought I might share it here too... just to let you know you're not alone if you're feeling down in these difficult times.  💛

Activity Chart and Chore Ideas for Kids Getting Bored {free printable}

Ever since August 2019 when my kids started going to Transitional Kindergarten for only 4 hours of school, the rest of the day I had to find ways to get them busy.  As they grew up, I asked them to figure out what they want to do if they are getting bored, but that left them lost.  Then I realized, since visuals work better for them than words, it was time to make an activity and chore chart for them.  (Previously I made this Morning and Evening Routine Chart for Kids that's been on the wall in their room since December 2018!).

Activities and Chores to Keep Kids Busy and Happy!

10 Ideas to Avoid an After-School Meltdown in Toddlers | Strategies That Work for Us

Earlier, when I picked kids up from their school, I thought after a few hours being away from each other they would be as excited to see me as I was.  But each day I would deal with another toddler tantrum, and I would wonder where I was going wrong.  Why were they being so cranky instead of being happy to see me, the way I was looking forward?  It took me a while to understand that kids feel overwhelmed after all that they've kept bottled up inside, and then act out because I am where they could totally be themselves.  So I came up with some strategies to deal with it, and here I'm sharing some ideas that I keep in my back pocket to prevent an after school meltdown in the first place.

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