School Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Kids | Classroom Valentine on a Budget

This year is Keshav and Alisha's first Valentine's Day in school.  They'll be having a Valentine's Day card exchange in classroom and kids are encouraged to make cards with an optional choice of giving goodies (but no edibles allowed).  Since they have 20 kids in their class and I'd have to be making 40 cards total, I decided to make 20 non candy Valentine cards with goodies and 20 regular cards.  While it is common to give one same card to every kid in the class, I wanted to try different Valentine's Day card ideas (I need my own creative outlets too!) and I'm sharing some ideas here.

1. Play-Doh Valentine's Card
I saw other ideas on the internet like "Doh you want to be my Valentine" but I preferred this "I think you are a-doh-rable!"