diaper bag essentials for newborn twins

Hello! Here's my video on what to pack in a diaper bag for newborns.  I was going out for 6 hours and while packing a diaper bag for my 5-month twins I almost felt like calling it a "diaper suitcase".  Haha.

Well, here's my list of diaper bag essentials ----

diaper changing station

The post here is sort of transcribing the audio from this video in which I show you how I have set up the diaper changing station for twins.

1.  Diaper Changing Table
What used to be my husband’s study table when he was in college, then became our dining table after we got married, has now become a diaper changing table for our twins.  Bending down to change diapers for my twins was giving all of us a backpain, so the height of this table was perfect for us. The width of this table is good for having everything handy and the space underneath also helped keep everything in one place and I want things organized like that.  I like things with multiple uses and did not want to buy a special $50 diaper changing table that would serve no purpose two years later when kids don’t need diaper changes.  However, this table can be used as anything else for years to come.

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