diaper bag essentials for newborn twins

Hello! Here's my video on what to pack in a diaper bag for newborns.  I was going out for 6 hours and while packing a diaper bag for my 5-month twins I almost felt like calling it a "diaper suitcase".  Haha.

Well, here's my list of diaper bag essentials ----

1. Diapers (packed in ziploc bags so that any spillage inside the diaper bag doesn’t wet the diapers)

2. Baby wipes (the packs with lids that shut and open in a snap are nice to keep the wipes wet instead of drying out)

3. Washcloths (for wiping their mouth and their drools)

4. Extra pair of clothes (in case of spit-ups, pukes, diaper leaks, or peeing suddenly during a diaper change - each one has happened several times for us!)

5. Bibs (cloth bibs that button up quick are nicer than those that need tying up…i don’t like bibs with velcro)

6. Burp cloths (my babies have reflux hence they spit-up quite often during burps, so to protect our own clothing outside I’d carry burp cloths, otherwise I don’t quite use burp cloths at home)

7. Paper towels (because something or the other always needs a little cleaning!  I cut them out beforehand and keep them folded in ziploc so it’s quick and handy).  

8. Sanitizer (I keep it in the side pocket of the bag so it’s in the open and handy right when needed without touching or moving anything.  Several times I have changed diapers in the back of our car in parking lots and going to a nearby toilet to wash hands leaving babies in the car is not possible)

9. Rattle or Favorite toys (musical toys are good to calm the babies down and keep entertained).

10. Teething Ring (my twins are 5 months old and like to put everything in their mouth these days so I keep a teething ring to keep them busy)

11. Pacifier (which neither of my baby has formed a habit of a pacifier, only my boy likes to use this, so I keep it in a disposable plastic container - it’s so easy to carry and keeps pacifier from getting dirty)

12. Changing pad (I use one that comes with the bag and it opens up to a good enough size to place the baby over. I still carry some disposable sheets so that changing pad doesn’t get dirty and doesn’t need a wash.

13. Plastic bags (for soiled clothes or for trashing dirty diapers)

14. Milk bottles (either carrying pumped milk and/or empty bottles to prepare formula in)

15. Formula (if ready-to-feed bottles remember to carry extra in case going out for 2 hours turns into a 6-hour trip.  if powder remember to take sufficient/extra quantity and take its scoop! i carry bottled of boiled water from home for preparing formula, and I keep powder formula and its scoop in ziploc/snack bag so that box doesn’t take up space in diaper bag)

16. Baby blankets (to wrap and keep them cozy, or to lay baby on the blanket)

Mommy’s needs: NURSING COVER if you plan to nurse and extra pair of clothes (in case baby spits up on you!)…and wallet, phone, keys, lip balm, sunglasses, and the list goes on! 

My twins are 5 months old so this is what I pack in their diaper bag.  May be when they grow older their diaper bag essentials will be different…I will update you guys then! 

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