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Christmas Pass the Parcel Forfeits | Christmas Party Game Idea

Pass the parcel is a fun game to play with friends and family. If you’re having a Christmas dinner get together with families at home, or meeting a group of friends this holiday season, you can play Pass the Parcel and have a great time. Moreover, adding forfeits to Pass the Parcel is a good idea to make it challenging and interesting for people of all ages!
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Christmas I Spy, Find It Game, Christmas Activity for Kids

I created a Christmas Coloring Page + a very easy Christmas I Spy / Find It Game with 28 Clues + DIY Holiday Card for kids to make … all rolled into one activity! You can use the coloring page as a Christmas Placemat , or fold it to make a Christmas card . This activity kept my kids busy for over an hour!

Five Second Game: Christmas Edition, Christmas Party Games

If you are looking for some activities or  Christmas party ideas , this 5 Second Game: Christmas Edition  that I created is inspired by the popular game 5 Second Rule .  This Christmas party game is a great idea to play with friends, family, or colleagues when spending time together this holiday season. You draw a card, answer the questions starting with "Name 3" within 5 seconds! 

Lunchbox for Kids | Lunch Bag for Kids | Water Bottle for Kids | Back to School

Before the start of the school year, every forum and every mommy group that I was part of had one major discussion: lunchboxes for kids. It's been so many years, yet thousands of moms are still looking for the most useful lunchbox for their children and asking recommendations, especially for one that keeps food warm.

Aluminum Foil Surprise Activity for Kids | Birthday Countdown Ideas

Birthday Countdown:  ◙  18 days to go: Aluminum Foil Surprise   ◙ On this day I gave them an ' Aluminum Foil Surprise ' activity. I traced the outer lines of 20+ small objects from their toy box on a large sheet of paper, then wrapped those objects in aluminum foil, placed in a container with depth, & taped some twines from one side of the container to another.

Eggless Sugar Cookies Recipe | Baking with Kids | Birthday Countdown

Birthday Countdown:  ◙  19 days to go: Bake Cookies   ◙   On this day of birthday countdown for kids , we baked  Eggless Sugar Cookies  together. I have been baking with them since they were 3 years old (check out our YouTube videos), so it's not a new activity for them. But the different thing about this day's activity, especially for their birthday, was using cookie cutter to make cookies (earlier I have mostly made chocolate chip cookies that are quick to drop and bake), and then they made the cookie icing first time, and then piped it onto their cookies...of course as I guided them alongside. And they were excited at each step to bake and  decorate their own cookies !

Birthday Cake Craft for Kids | Decorate Your Own Cake Activity

Birthday Countdown:  ◙  20 days to go: Birthday Cake Craft   ◙   On this day, their note said: For your countdown craft activity, I'm going to give you a paper birthday cake... Use pompoms and paper and stickers for frosting, and let's see what you make!