6 Easy Father's Day Cards for Kids to Make | Fathers Day Card Ideas for Children

This year for father's day we made not just one, but six cards.  One, because it is father's day and I thought we could use the cards for a creative treasure hunt, and two, because kids are getting bored this summer vacation so I had to keep them busy, and making cards and crafts was one of the ways.

Fathers Day Card Ideas for Kids to Make

Here's a video of my kids and I making these cards together: 

Coupon Book for Kids | Fun Coupons for Kids at Home

I had a bunch of raffle tickets that kids had got from school but we didn't participate in it and they were lying around.  While looking for ideas on how to use them at home, I created a "quarantine coupon book" out of the cards and printed out different activities for kids to use the "coupons" for.  Shelter-in-place in Bay Area has been extended for another month, so we're trying to make it fun as we stay quarantined indoors.

Worksheets for Kids | PDF Printables for Preschool to Kindergarten

March 2020 was a turning point in most peoples' lives in recent times, especially mothers, when they were expected to turn into home-school teachers as well while juggling other responsibilities in and outside home.  While there are several blogs and educational websites for worksheets for kids starting Preschool onward that one can download and print, I wanted to make my own lesson plans and worksheets for my 5 year old kids while they stayed at home (they were in Transitional Kindergarten when the schools shut down).  I made these worksheets based on what my kids have learnt, what I wanted them to practice, some are things I planned to teach them to prepare them for Kindergarten, and some as a quiz to check what they are able to remember.  

-- I am trying --

Ever since January 2020 when I heard the news about the novel coronavirus spreading in China, there was a slight unrest but it didn't bother me that much until we started hearing of covid-19 spreading in California, WHO announcing it as a pandemic, President of United States of America declaring a national emergency, coronavirus spreading in Thailand and India too where most of my family resides, and shelter in place ordered in some counties of Bay Area where businesses have shut down and only essential places are open.  Things have escalated unbelievably in these two months of February and March that the whole world is shook.  I have been feeling very overwhelmed like everyone and the emotions are just piling up each day, so I penned my feelings in the form of poetry as usual.  I know each person is going through a lot so I thought I might share it here too... just to let you know you're not alone if you're feeling down in these difficult times.  💛