CVC Word Game for Kindergarten | Consonant Vowel Consonant | CVC Word List for Kids

My kids are 5 and half years old and started Kindergarten this school year.  While they have started learning the basics - alphabets, numbers, etc, by the end of kindergarten they are expected to read, know, and write CVC words.  I started working on that sooner at home.  CVC words are 3-letter words made of Consonant Vowel Consonant sounds.  In this post, I'm sharing a CVC Word Activity to play with kids, and a list of CVC words for practice.

cvc consonant vowel consonant kindergarten

6 Easy Father's Day Cards for Kids to Make | Fathers Day Card Ideas for Children

This year for father's day we made not just one, but six cards.  One, because it is father's day and I thought we could use the cards for a creative treasure hunt, and two, because kids are getting bored this summer vacation so I had to keep them busy, and making cards and crafts was one of the ways.

Fathers Day Card Ideas for Kids to Make

Here's a video of my kids and I making these cards together: 

Coupon Book for Kids | Fun Coupons for Kids at Home

I had a bunch of raffle tickets that kids had got from school but we didn't participate in it and they were lying around.  While looking for ideas on how to use them at home, I created a "quarantine coupon book" out of the cards and printed out different activities for kids to use the "coupons" for.  Shelter-in-place in Bay Area has been extended for another month, so we're trying to make it fun as we stay quarantined indoors.

The Name Game Workout Challenge | Easy Fitness Challenge for Kids | Customize Your Workout

My kids' PE teacher at school had been keeping in touch with the kids by emailing videos and activities for movement everyday.  One of the ideas he had sent was this Name Workout Challenge.  Some of the exercises in the list were a little complicated for my kids, so I made our own version of A to Z Name Game Workout Challenge.

I have had enough of my lethargy at home with just cooking eating sitting sleeping, repeat, and I need to keep finding ways to get my kids moving too.  So we're going to get active, starting with just 5 minutes in the morning and see if we can go longer by the end of this month.  Hey, I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to exercise, so if it's doable for me it will be a piece of cake for you.

customize your workout easy fitness challenge        name game exercise workout challenge

Click on the images to get the FREE Printable PDFs.  Both the files have same exercises, I just created them in different styles so you can choose if you want to print in color, or in black & white, or if you want to print the B&W version on your choice of colored paper.

The instruction for The Name Game Workout Challenge is very simple: you have to do the simple exercises listed on each alphabet as per your full name, that's all.  So you are basically customizing your own workout.  For a level up, you can exercise by spelling out names of other members in your family and in no time you will start sweating and huffing and puffing.  Or wait, may be that's just me.  *lazy and guilty!*

Are you (and your kids!!) up for an easy fitness challenge?  And guess what, this is also an alphabet practice spelling exercise at the same time for the kids.  Comment "YAY, WE DID IT!" on this post on the days your kids do this Name Game Workout Challenge.  Let's see how many times you can make this happen in a month.



Note: Please follow your physician’s advice or personal trainer’s recommendation for your exercises.