Truth or Dare Questions for Kids | Truth or Dare Game for Family and Friends

Truth or Dare is one of the all-time classic group party games, and a great way to get to know your friends better. You can play Truth or Dare at a birthday party, or Christmas, or New Years, or at a sleepover, or just about any get together with friends. You can also play Truth or Dare as a family together on a weekend and have fun! 

This is a 12-page high resolution PDF that consists of:

● 1 page instructions

● 64 Truth cards on 4 pages

● 64 Dare cards on 4 pages

● 1 blank page each for Truth & Dare cards to write your own

● 1 page of design to print on opposite side of cards (optional)

● Upon cutting, the game cards would be about 1.85"W x 2.5"H each.

How to Play Truth or Dare?

Everyone sits in a circle. One person spins a bottle, and whoever the bottle points at will choose between truth or dare, and randomly pick up a card accordingly. If they choose a truth, they have to truthfully answer the question. If they choose a dare, they have to perform the action. Then that person spins the bottle and the game continues.

You can choose to set some rules, for example: decide what is off-limit, decide the time limit, and so on.

There is no score-keeping, no winning or losing in this game. The game ends when you want it to. Just have a great time!

The questions (Truth) and challenges (Dares) here are meant for ages 5+ but if any of the 128 cards do not apply to the age group that's playing you can discard it.

Print details:

● Print in color, in best quality, on 8.5"x11" cardstock sheet or any thick paper at home, or at Staples/Fedex or any print store of your choice.

● Please note that colors may vary depending on the monitor and printer ink.

● Print, cut the cards, and enjoy!

Oil Bottle



Have fun playing Truth or Dare!

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