11 months

When they were born, I announced their arrival as:

"Double the trouble, double the joy,
One is a girl, one is a boy!"

And now after 11 months, this is what the (tired) poet in me has expressed in this poem:

-- all my love --

I will give you many, so many
You might not have the time
Later when you grow up
I will give you lots of
You might not like them
After you hit teenage years
I want to cuddle you to
You might go far away one day
To study or to work

37 weeks

Sleeping, walking, sitting, standing, everything was becoming difficult with that huge tummy I was carrying around. But I drove in hurry to pick Alok up to go together for my regular weekly check.

Doctor: "Your blood pressure is elevated. We will have to bring the babies out today."

how to clean and sterilize baby bottles

Cleaning baby bottles is such a pain in the bum.  It's been 6 months now and I swear this must be the most boring job in the world.  I do the cleaning twice a day (once midday and once at night before sleeping) so that milk bottles are ready for my babies' next feeding, and so that pumping parts are ready for the next pumping.

Here's a short video I've made on how I clean the baby bottles, how I sterilize bottles and bottle parts, and how I use the dishwasher to clean them - which is my most preferred method, because with twins there are so many bottles and so much less work to do when there's a dishwasher doing it for you.

diaper bag essentials for newborn twins

Hello! Here's my video on what to pack in a diaper bag for newborns.  I was going out for 6 hours and while packing a diaper bag for my 5-month twins I almost felt like calling it a "diaper suitcase".  Haha.

Well, here's my list of diaper bag essentials ----

diaper changing station

The post here is sort of transcribing the audio from this video in which I show you how I have set up the diaper changing station for twins.

1.  Diaper Changing Table
What used to be my husband’s study table when he was in college, then became our dining table after we got married, has now become a diaper changing table for our twins.  Bending down to change diapers for my twins was giving all of us a backpain, so the height of this table was perfect for us. The width of this table is good for having everything handy and the space underneath also helped keep everything in one place and I want things organized like that.  I like things with multiple uses and did not want to buy a special $50 diaper changing table that would serve no purpose two years later when kids don’t need diaper changes.  However, this table can be used as anything else for years to come.

5 months

My baby boy has started to turn over. Now he wants to roll over, around, and under everywhere. But that's not as scary as him getting hungry. If you spot a little baby screaming bloody murder, you'll know it's him demanding his food.

My baby girl has started to resemble me, people say, and every time I hear it I go on cloud eleven. She has also started to hold a tight grip on anything that comes close to her. My hair is her main target. If postpartum hair loss is not going to make me bald, she definitely will.

3 months

The first question people ask us these days is: "does the other twin cry when one twin does?"
Ah, fortunately in my case they don't.

My babies turn 3 months old today. My life so far revolved around diaper changes, feeding, burping, bath, massage, swaddle wraps, and it's been all about them.
Handling twins is a lot of work. Every week is a new experience. This week they started cooing, so blabbering is my current pastime.

2 months

My babies turned just two months old today and I already look zombied, energy-drained, and puffy-eyed mommy.  I had no idea babies were so much work.  Perhaps all the excitement of having babies in the first month was like the one month of "honeymoon period" after marriage.  But now the babymoon phase is over and reality has kicked in, in all kinds of organs.

1 month

My babies turned 1 month old today, and my God - what an unbelievable, overwhelming, challenging, adventurous roller coaster ride it has been.  And I'm not even sure if that description does any justice.

i gave birth to twins

The room was cold.

My ob-gyn checked the babies' position on ultrasound one last time before deciding to proceed with the c-section.  I was scheduled to be taken into the operating room at 8 PM.  The anesthesiologist was standing by my head side on the right, monitoring my blood pressure and my heart rate.  I was lying down on the operating table just after he injected a liquid in my spine (for which he asked me to bend in front as further as I could) and I felt the liquid flow down.  Then he pressed something on my stomach and asked if I felt anything.  Then he dabbed a wet cotton and asked if I felt anything.  He had to ensure the spinal anesthesia he injected worked so I would not feel a thing chest-down.  He also gave me live commentary on what was happening beyond the curtain that blocked my view of the operation so that I'm aware.  Perhaps because I was constantly asking him questions to know what was going on.

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