11 months

When they were born, I announced their arrival as:

"Double the trouble, double the joy,
One is a girl, one is a boy!"

And now after 11 months, this is what the (tired) poet in me has expressed in this poem:

Twice the feedings, twice the pukes,
Twice the changings, twice the oops.
Twice the diapers, twice the leaks,
Twice the busy days and weeks.
Twice the pee, twice the poo,
Twice the playing peek-a-boo.
Twice the clothes, twice the mess,
Twice the work, twice the stress.
Twice the toys, twice the fights,
Twice the waking up at nights.
Twice the crying, twice the tears,
Twice the pain in my head and ears.

But when I see twice the smiles, my heart swells.
With twice their hugs my heart melts.
Twice the giggles and cuddles that I get,
I feel like the luckiest mom you bet.
Twenty little fingers, twenty tiny toes,
Growing up fast, how quick time goes.
Now 11 months old, they will soon turn one,
My life feels complete with my daughter and son.

-- Nisha

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