photography at the park

After a long time we went to the park today in the hopes of getting some good clicks with the twins.  Having taken pictures of them since one whole year, I was not new to twins photography, yet I ambitiously packed in my carry-on bag some 4 pairs of clothes for them, accessories for Alisha, some of their toys and eating bowls as props, balloons, a bedsheet, our playmat, and what nots for the 2 hours (4pm-6pm) of photography session. 

Getting their attention took about 1 hour in total.  I think I will not delete the 45 photos out of 50 that did not turn out well in order to show them when they grow up what a major test of patience it took to capture memories of THEIR childhood for THEM.

And the gorgeous photos that did turn out gorgeous of my gorgeous kids, I'm going to put them in picture frames and hang on the wall in our living room to remind me how it's all worth it.

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