Scavenger Hunt for Kids | Treasure Hunt Game for Kids at Home

Scavenger hunts for kids are always fun - enjoyable for the kids as they try to solve the challenges, and entertaining for the adults as we watch the little ones excitedly crack the codes.

treasure hunt clues for kids

Daily Morning Evening Routine Chart for Kids | Free Printable PDF

I got exhausted of repeatedly telling my kids every day to “hurry up let’s brush teeth”, “come sit down for breakfast”, and on and on.  They know their routine, but kids at this age listen and understand everything and very easily ignore.  And for me, having a schedule is very important.  So, when I realized they remember visuals better than what I say, I made this “daily routine chart” for them to follow and for me to hold my sanity.
Click here to open PDF for Daily Morning Evening Routine Chart for Kids 

30 Mother's Day Interview Questions for Kids | Kids Answer Questions About Mom

For Mother's Day this year (12 May 2019), I did an interview with my kids again (I had a birthday interview with them earlier this year in January asking questions about themselves).  This time, I asked them about myself.  It was Mother's Day after all, and I needed to feel special! :)

Two years ago I helped them make me these Heart in Hand Cards for Valentine's Day, (which, by the way, are a good idea for Mother's Day or Father's Day too) because until they grow up and start doing things specially for me, I'll have to make the effort for myself. Ha ha ha.

30 This or That Question Game for Kids | This or That Conversation Starters

This or That Game is a simpler version of the Would You Rather Game because the latter asks longer and complicated questions to choose one versus another, which probably works for older kids but not with my 4 year olds.  I played this fun and simple This or That question game with my twins, and you can play with your kids even in a car ride, it gets them thinking and you'll be surprised to know: this kind of a game is an easy conversation starter for adults too!

30 Questions for Kids | Fun Birthday Interview Questions for Kids to Answer

My kids' birthday is in a few days and they'll be turning 4.  Another milestone, for them and for me as a mother (of twins!).  As an activity for kids, I did a birthday interview with each of them separately (just so they don't repeat each other's responses!) and it was interesting to know their answers.  As they responded, I was also answering the questions about them in my head to compare how well I know my kids, and to know them better.

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