Daily Morning Evening Routine Chart for Kids | Free Printable PDF

I got exhausted of repeatedly telling my kids every day to “hurry up let’s brush teeth”, “come sit down for breakfast”, and on and on.  They know their routine, but kids at this age listen and understand everything and very easily ignore.  And for me, having a schedule is very important.  So, when I realized they remember visuals better than what I say, I made this “daily routine chart” for them to follow and for me to hold my sanity.
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I have always followed a routine for them and for myself since the time they were infants and as toddlers they understood.  But the difference is, when they were little I did everything for them, and now as 4 year olds I expect them to do most of it.  That is when it gets difficult to get them to hurry up and do what is asked.

However, now with this visual daily routine chart I ask them what’s the next thing we need to do and they do, or at the end of the day we go over what they did and they get points.  I don’t entertain a sticker/reward concept, but they’re getting “points”.  Initially I told them I’ll take them somewhere special (library, aquarium, etc) when they get lots of points but they’ve forgotten that part already. :D

daily morning evening routine chart for kids

This morning and evening routine chart started as a trial but it's been a few months now and it has worked so far.  When they’re home over the weekends and not go to school full day, the routine is different.  Also, as they grow up I plan to make a chores chart for kids too--like help with laundry, fold clothes, do the dishes, clean up, water the grass, organize shoe closet, etc.  Teaching them to be responsible is high on my priority list!

Oh, and these days if you ask them what’s the first row with the sun, they’ll tell you “first thing we do when the sun comes up is wake up happy”.  :)


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