Simple DIY Play Tent for Kids | Make Indoor Play Tent Using a Table

I had been noticing decor in several kids' rooms having teepee or tent and looked up for an easy DIY play tent for children in which 2 kids could comfortably sit in. Most of the results that showed up had a lot of wood and cutting and drilling or PVC pipes and what nots. Ahhh. I ain't got no time for that kind of stuff!

Janmashtami Celebrations | DIY Krishna Crown | Radha and Krishna

My mom is a great devotee of Lord Krishna and has always celebrated Janmashtami with a lot of enthusiasm.  From preparing various food and prasad to offer to God, to staying up until midnight to celebrate Krishna bhagwan's janam and swinging the statue of Krishna on his little swing, and what nots.  I have not been very religious since the beginning, so all I used to love during my high school years on these festivals was decorating.  We, as parents, like to pass on to our children a part of what we grow up with.  While I leave the religious importance and lessons on spirituality for my parents to teach to Keshav and Alisha, I want to pass on my excitement for everything else for a festival to my little kids.

100+ children quotes | motherhood parenting childhood quotes and sayings

Over the time I have collected my favorite quotes about baby, inspirational quotes for children, quotes related to children, poems on babies, and thought of sharing the collection here – all at one place.  All these can be used as captions for photos on facebook or as instagram caption for your pictures.

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