Simple DIY Play Tent for Kids | Make Indoor Play Tent Using a Table

I had been noticing decor in several kids' rooms having teepee or tent and looked up for an easy DIY play tent for children in which 2 kids could comfortably sit in. Most of the results that showed up had a lot of wood and cutting and drilling or PVC pipes and what nots. Ahhh. I ain't got no time for that kind of stuff!

There’s no doubt that play tents for kids in the market that are colorful, that have themes, and have a sturdy support system are great buys to add to the playroom d├ęcor.  But several tents have space that’s good for just 1 kid.  And those play tents that are larger, well, are pricier too.

I got an idea and used my handy dandy foldable table, spread a bed sheet on top of it, used a thread and needle and stitched one side for the opening, and used 4 rubber bands to tie the bed sheets at the legs of the table and made this DIY play tent for my kids. Our spacious tent in which my kids and I could easily fit in and sit in together.

You can also use those Dollar Tree plastic white table covers instead of cloth bed sheets and if you have grown up toddlers you can give them colorful markers to draw on the inside and the outside of their "tent"!  Fun activity to keep the kids busy and they can have their own customized tent.

This foldable table has been a part of our lives since so many years.  It used to be my husband's study table when he was in college, then became our dining table when we got married, then became a diaper changing table when we had our twins, is now an activity table for them, and will probably become a study table for them when they grow up a bit.  Some things come a full circle :-)

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