30 This or That Question Game for Kids | This or That Conversation Starters

This or That Game is a simpler version of the Would You Rather Game because the latter asks longer and complicated questions to choose one versus another, which probably works for older kids but not with my 4 year olds.  I played this fun and simple This or That question game with my twins, and you can play with your kids even in a car ride, it gets them thinking and you'll be surprised to know: this kind of a game is an easy conversation starter for adults too!

Here's our video playing This or That Question Game, and again I record and do this separately with my kiddos because I don't want them copying each others answers without thinking on their own...

and following is a list of 30 This or That questions to just get you started with.
You can add more choices in different categories (colors, shapes, animals, birds, objects, food, places, vehicles, movies, activities, you name it) as you wish.

30 This or That Game Questions for Kids

1.  Pancake or Waffle?
2.  Strawberry or Vanilla?
3.  Running or Hiking?
4.  New clothes or New toys?
5.  Go to Zoo or Go to Beach?
6.  Ice Cream or Cake?
7.  Library or Park?
8.  Pasta or Pizza?
9.  Black or White?
10.  Soup or Salad?
11.  Police car or Fire truck?
12.  Painting or Drawing?
13.  Broccoli or Cauliflower?
14.  Piano or Guitar?
15.  Superman or Batman?
16.  Milkshake or Juice?
17.  Travel in train or Travel in airplane?
18.  Cookies or Cupcakes?
19.  Warm weather or Cold weather?
20.  Swimming or Dancing?
21.  Sleep late or Wake up early?
22.  Elsa or Sophia? // Daniel Tiger or Llama Llama?
23.  Fruits or Vegetables?
24.  Hop like kangaroo or Swing like monkey?
25.  Eat at home or Eat at restaurant?
26.  Watch movie at home or Go shopping at store?
27.  Eagle or Peacock?
28.  Watermelon or Mango?
29.  Frozen or Moana?
30.  Hugs or Kisses?



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