5 months

My baby boy has started to turn over. Now he wants to roll over, around, and under everywhere. But that's not as scary as him getting hungry. If you spot a little baby screaming bloody murder, you'll know it's him demanding his food.

My baby girl has started to resemble me, people say, and every time I hear it I go on cloud eleven. She has also started to hold a tight grip on anything that comes close to her. My hair is her main target. If postpartum hair loss is not going to make me bald, she definitely will.

My babies turn 5 months old today. They have started to giggle. It's hard to tell what word or action triggers it. So I try to repeat and do everything I can to get that heartwarming giggle. Even if that means shaking my head like a mad horse.

They are so different. One is calm, the other is restless. One is social, the other has stranger anxiety. One is a delicate darling, the other is a terrifying tornado. The more I observe them doing something new everyday and see their contrasting personalities, the more amazed I get.

Sometimes I feel it's a challenge for me to do justice to both. Sometimes I question myself if I am being a good mother. Am I doing things right? Am I taking good care of them? Will I raise them well? I have my moments of doubt.

But when they say there is NO WAY to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a great one - I know I'm going to do just fine.

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