3 months

The first question people ask us these days is: "does the other twin cry when one twin does?"
Ah, fortunately in my case they don't.

My babies turn 3 months old today. My life so far revolved around diaper changes, feeding, burping, bath, massage, swaddle wraps, and it's been all about them.
Handling twins is a lot of work. Every week is a new experience. This week they started cooing, so blabbering is my current pastime.

Sometimes I wonder where all the energy in me comes from despite the sleepless nights and the constantly busy days. I survive on a 4-hr sleep per day. The day I sleep 5 hours I feel lucky.
Sometimes I lose my patience, get so frustrated and angry with them when they keep crying and get fussy. And then I feel so guilty when they still smile at me. Their genuine, innocent, adorable smile. Their toothless, funny smile.

Some days I want to freeze time - I want to keep holding their tiny fingers, rub their cute little ears, tickle their small feet.
Some days, I want them to run and come give me a tight hug, to start talking and tell me about their day at school.

Sometimes I wonder if my baby boy is going to have a girlfriend and not tell me about it. Sometimes I wonder if my baby girl will fight with me as much as I did with my mom during my teens.

Oh, I need to slow down.

But one thing's for sure - before I became a mother, I didn't know the feeling of having my heart outside my body.

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