2 months

My babies turned just two months old today and I already look zombied, energy-drained, and puffy-eyed mommy.  I had no idea babies were so much work.  Perhaps all the excitement of having babies in the first month was like the one month of "honeymoon period" after marriage.  But now the babymoon phase is over and reality has kicked in, in all kinds of organs.

Today, I want to ask some critical questions that have been bottled up inside my organ.  I mean my brain.  First, why does it take them forever to burp?  It already takes them forever to drink their quarter cup of milk.  Has anyone invented a machine that pats or rubs a baby on the back for 20 minutes to help burp so that the parents' arms don't get sore?  I need one.  Oh, make that two.

Second, why do they have to cry for everything?  With just eat-sleep-poop-repeat as their routine, how difficult can their life be? After checking their diaper, after feeding them, after letting them sleep, after checking the room temperature, after checking if there's anything troubling them, I am wondering if they cry because they have nothing else to do to pass their time.

My third question resonates with these 4 lines I came across today:

It is so easy for me to love you that it frightens me.  I've never been good at anything.  But I've never wanted anything so much as I want to hold you every waking minute and every night while I sleep.  The question has ceased to be "How do I love you?" and has become "How would I ever stop?"

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