diaper changing station

The post here is sort of transcribing the audio from this video in which I show you how I have set up the diaper changing station for twins.

1.  Diaper Changing Table
What used to be my husband’s study table when he was in college, then became our dining table after we got married, has now become a diaper changing table for our twins.  Bending down to change diapers for my twins was giving all of us a backpain, so the height of this table was perfect for us. The width of this table is good for having everything handy and the space underneath also helped keep everything in one place and I want things organized like that.  I like things with multiple uses and did not want to buy a special $50 diaper changing table that would serve no purpose two years later when kids don’t need diaper changes.  However, this table can be used as anything else for years to come.

2.  We use this Summer Infant Contour Changing Pad.  I’m not a fan of their design, I would have preferred it plain instead of all those dots to make it easier to clean pee and poop mess from it.  It’s good this changing pad comes with a belt to buckle the baby while changing.

3.  I also like to keep a pillow to keep their head comfortable and raised even if it’s for a little bit because my twins are 5 months old and they still spit up many times when we lay them flat to change their diaper after they’ve had their milk (despite having burped!).  

4.  Instead of changing pad covers, I use absorbent washable mats (brought from India) that come in various colors.  I like the flexibility of using these mats whether I’m using them to cover a changing pad, or placing on crib mattress, or on the carpet when I lay the kids diaperless.

5.  This soft cotton cloth is to wipe their diaper area dry before putting on their diaper instead of leaving it moist because of the wet wipes. I dipped them in blue and pink fabric paint to identify for my boy and girl.

6.  I use these very reasonable and useful foldable storage boxes from IKEA for so many things.  Here I’m using a simple binder clip to keep the boxes together.  You can use any kind of basket or if you want to get frugal (I know how expensive raising a baby can get!) then cover a carton from one of your Amazon deliveries with paper and use that to keep your diaper, wipes, etc!

7.  This box of wipes opens with one press, which is quick and helpful when I’m holding my baby with one hand. Now I only buy refill packs of wet wipes and use in this box.

8.  On this side I have aquaphor in one container and coconut oil in another and use either one to rub on their bum and entire area each time before putting on their diaper.

9.  Here’s their rectal thermometer.  I just left one here instead of their first aid box because the few times that we have measured their temperature they pooped while the thermometer was in.  

10.  While coconut oil immensely and naturally helps avoid redness and diaper rash, I also keep this Babyganics diaper rash cream just in case.

We use about 12 diapers in total per day for both the babies and this box can contain about 70 diapers if I arrange this way, so I kinda refill this every 5 days.  Which is not a lot of work, so it’s fine.

11.  Since we can’t keep walking to the laundry each time, here is a plastic container to keep soiled clothes.  

This space on the table is for opening and keeping a fresh diaper ready before removing their dirty diaper, and then to place their dirty diaper while putting their clothes on.

12.  While standing here to change diapers, with one hand on the baby and a dirty diaper in another hand, I like this diaper pail with a foot pedal that is easily accessible.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
With ample space underneath the table, I keep extra cartons of diapers and wipes in the back, stocked up especially when there are sales and discounts, and have this Sterilite 3-drawer cart in front.  In the first drawer there are more absorbent mats handy because these are the first things that get dirty when they pee or poop or spit-up during diaper changes.

The second drawer holds extra cloth, some cloth nappies, their massage oils in the same IKEA box I mentioned about, and a receiving blanket that we now use to massage them on.

The third drawer has extra diapers, extra wipes, especially once this pack of wipes with a lid is half empty I carry it in my diaper bag.  Some bedsheets are here to spread over the carpet for their play area.  This diaper changing table is in the living room since this is where the kids mostly are, so it’s easy for any of our family members at home can help do the changing right here.

My babies are 5 months old so this is what my set up is, may be it will be different once they grow up and I will update you guys then!

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