37 weeks

Sleeping, walking, sitting, standing, everything was becoming difficult with that huge tummy I was carrying around. But I drove in hurry to pick Alok up to go together for my regular weekly check.

Doctor: "Your blood pressure is elevated. We will have to bring the babies out today."
Me: "No, no, I rushed and came because I was late for appointment. It must have increased just temporarily because of that. Check again, I'm fine, see I'm completely normal! I'm smiling, I'm calm, I'm not stressed, I'm fine!"
Doctor: "I can check for you, but I'm not going to change my mind. You will be monitored downstairs until we can perform your C-section tonight."
Me: "I want to keep my babies until 38 weeks at least. I'm not ready, please, or can you give me one more day? Please!"
Doctor: "37 is full-term if you're worried about that. Your blood pressure is quite high; do you really want to risk your babies and wait until tomorrow?"
Me: "No..."

I cannot forget that afternoon.
They were cozy inside for 37 weeks.

Today, they're 37 weeks out.

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