Christmas I Spy, Find It Game, Christmas Activity for Kids

I created a Christmas Coloring Page + a very easy Christmas I Spy / Find It Game with 28 Clues + DIY Holiday Card for kids to make … all rolled into one activity! You can use the coloring page as a Christmas Placemat, or fold it to make a Christmas card. This activity kept my kids busy for over an hour!

Watch our video here:

It's a 1 page high resolution PDF Christmas coloring page + 1 PDF with instructions and 28 simple questions (clues). A grown up will say the clue, and kids need to answer it, then find the image on the page to color in

► After coloring, fold the card in half. Makes an 8.5x5.5” card folded. You may cut along the outer line if you want a smaller card to fit inside an 8.5x5.5” envelope. Write your holiday greetings and message inside, and gift the card to family, friends, neighbors, or teachers.

Examples of Clues for the Christmas Find It Game:

● A circle shaped decoration put on the door, like a ring, made from flowers, leaves, twigs, ribbons, and various things: Wreath

● This is a sock shaped bag that people hang over their fireplace and fill with small gifts to open on Christmas day: Stocking

● A vehicle pulled by reindeers that Santa sits on to go distribute gifts to everyone: Sleigh

Happy Holidays!


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