-- I am trying --

Ever since January 2020 when I heard the news about the novel coronavirus spreading in China, there was a slight unrest but it didn't bother me that much until we started hearing of covid-19 spreading in California, WHO announcing it as a pandemic, President of United States of America declaring a national emergency, coronavirus spreading in Thailand and India too where most of my family resides, and shelter in place ordered in some counties of Bay Area where businesses have shut down and only essential places are open.  Things have escalated unbelievably in these two months of February and March that the whole world is shook.  I have been feeling very overwhelmed like everyone and the emotions are just piling up each day, so I penned my feelings in the form of poetry as usual.  I know each person is going through a lot so I thought I might share it here too... just to let you know you're not alone if you're feeling down in these difficult times.  💛

-- I am trying --
This didn't start right, this hasn't gone well,⁣
I am really scared, but I'm afraid to tell.⁣
Coz I'm trying to not show you my fears,⁣
I am really trying to not show you my tears.⁣
The sun is rising but still not giving a sign,⁣
That everything will go back to being just fine.⁣
And I'm hoping this stormy cloud clears,⁣
Coz I am trying to not show you my tears.⁣
This feeling of anxiety, this panic, this stress,⁣
This news, this virus, this outbreak, this mess.⁣
Enough; I'm wishing to have much better years,⁣
And I am just trying to not show you my tears.⁣
Not the kind of world I wanted to raise you in,⁣
When will this end, when will our life begin.⁣
Can I wake up from this bad dream and it all disappears,⁣
Coz I am trying hard to not show you my tears.⁣
I want us all to be safe and live normal like before,⁣
Be able to go anywhere, anytime, meet anyone once more.⁣
I'm praying hard for everyone so whichever God hears,⁣
Coz I am really trying to not show you my tears.⁣
- Nisha
March 19, 2020⁣

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