Activity Chart and Chore Ideas for Kids Getting Bored {free printable}

Ever since August 2019 when my kids started going to Transitional Kindergarten for only 4 hours of school, the rest of the day I had to find ways to get them busy.  As they grew up, I asked them to figure out what they want to do if they are getting bored, but that left them lost.  Then I realized, since visuals work better for them than words, it was time to make an activity and chore chart for them.  (Previously I made this Morning and Evening Routine Chart for Kids that's been on the wall in their room since December 2018!).

Activities and Chores to Keep Kids Busy and Happy!

So whether my kids are home on weekends all day when we didn't have social commitments, whether they needed to keep themselves busy during their Thanksgiving break, Christmas and New Year break, or this extra long Spring Break we are currently having because of the current crisis in the world, this Activity Chart and Chore Ideas for Kids has been taped on the wall in their playroom for them to take a pick and stay busy. 

Some are activities that they can do individually, and some they need me for.  If they pick "Go to Park" for example, and if we have the time, if I'm done with my work, and if the weather is good, we make that happen.  Otherwise, there's plenty of other options for them to choose without saying "Mumma we are bored!"

Click on this link to download your free printable PDF of Activity Chart Chores for Kids

An empty mind is a devil's workshop, after all, and we want to avoid that, don't we?!

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