December 2016 Daily Vlogs | Day in the life of mom of twins

In my previous video blogging journey, I had published a 100 vlogs of my life raising twins.  My last vlog ended in August 2016 and I announced that I wanted to take a break from vlogging because it consumed way too much time from my life.  Well, I resumed vlogging a year ago just for the month of December 2016 and decided to post here the playlist from that month.

Dec Vlog 1: Did you have a good day?

Dec Vlog 2: Watercolor Painting

Dec Vlog 3: Someone's Getting a Time-Out

Dec Vlog 4: New Toy Airplane

Dec Vlog 5: I love My Mommy

Dec Vlog 6: Mumma Keshav NO!

Dec Vlog 7: Ear Piercing

Dec Vlog 8: Throwing Tantrums

Dec Vlog 9: Magnetic Doodle

Dec Vlog 10: Adults having fun

Dec Vlog 11: First visit to a Gurudwara

Dec Vlog 12: Can you draw a ...

Dec Vlog 13: Another Mommy & Me Event

Dec Vlog 14: Head Shoulder Knees and Toes

Dec Vlog 15: Put it in your mouth

Dec Vlog 16: Tummy Khaana

Dec Vlog 17: Christmas Lights

Dec Vlog 18: New Toy for Pretend Play

Dec Vlog 19: Won't Let Me Do Any Work

Dec Vlog 20: New Convertible (Car Seat)

Dec Vlog 21: That Ball

Dec Vlog 22: Temporary OCD

Dec Vlog 23: Ring Around The Roses

Dec Vlog 24: Cranky All Day

Dec Vlog 25: The Struggle Is Real

Dec Vlog 26: Mirror Mirror

Dec Vlog 27: Giraffes Can't Dance

Dec Vlog 28: Llama Llama Time to Share

Dec Vlog 29: Every Ounce of Patience

Dec Vlog 30: A Musical Day

Dec Vlog 31: New Year's Eve

If I ever write a book about my motherhood journey as a mom of twins, looking at this list here I think I have a pretty good idea what the names of the chapters of my book are going to be. :D

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