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There was this box of Wilton 101 cookie cutters lying at home past 3 years.  The box that I had grabbed when I played the White Elephant game at an event.  The box of cookie cutters that I did not use because the pieces were so large and I never baked such big cookies.  So one day when I was cleaning and organizing the garage and saw these plastic, colorful, cookie cutters in 101 shapes, I knew just how to use them for a non-cookie purpose!

cookie cutter shape matching activity

What I used:
Wilton 101 Cookie Cutters
Easel paper roll
Pencil to trace the shapes
Sharpie for final tracing

This is a super simple DIY activity idea to make for toddler at home.  I see my kids play with Melissa & Doug's or other brands' shape or picture matching wooden boards and they are done with the 10 shapes within 2 minutes.  That is one reason I put more than 40 shapes here so they can take their own time and it could give me some time too!

Cookie Cutter Shape Matching Activity for Toddlers

My kids enjoyed guessing the shapes they saw, telling me the colors each time they placed one, and matching the shape to the outlines.

shape match activity idea using cookie cutters

I hope you liked this easy cookie cutter shape matching activity idea for your toddler!  Alisha and Keshav were 28 months old when they played this.  Click here to see another DIY shape match activity I've shared previously when my kids were 23 months old.

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