Birthday Countdown Photoshoot Begins | 10 days

10 Days -
I was so excited to start this birthday countdown photoshoot for my twins' 2nd birthday.  Last year exactly on their 1st birthday I flew from India to Thailand and my family in Bangkok organized their birthday party and made all the arrangements.  I did not do anything special for them for their birthday so I was kinda sorta making up for it now I guess!?

For the photo shoot backdrop I made a heart garland.  I cut out heart shapes from the colorful Crayola construction papers, used a needle and thread to string the hearts together, and then glued all the threads to strips of paper to keep it together.  The heart shapes are almost 3.5" from topmost to bottom and almost 3.5" from leftmost side to rightmost (I traced and cut it out manually because I didn't seem to find an extra large heart punch for this size).

Variation: if you don’t want to use a needle and thread, you can cut very thin (think 2mm) strips of regular printer paper and glue the strips vertically together then glue the hearts onto it while alternating the colors.

For the text: It's their Tom & Jerry carrom board as a prop.  Why I used this carrom board?  Because it was lying down near their toys and I felt I could leave the border as is and add some background in the center and text on it on Photoshop later since I did not have any time to print out the countdown text!

Phew. 10 down, 9 to go!

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