Heart in Hand Card | Valentine's Day Activity Idea for Kids

Today evening I did a Valentine's Day activity with kids and we made the heart in hand card.  I'd been meaning to do this throughout the day but today our breakfast and lunch and nap and snack and all timings were messed up and my schedule was thrown out the window!

So just after their dinner it barely took 10 minutes from start to finish to make this super easy heart in hand card for Valentine's.  (Well, at this age they don't use scissors, that's why it didn't take me long!)

I traced their hand over a folded sheet of printed paper and cut along the lines.  When opened, the "heart" appears in the center, and it shows both right and left hands on the side.  (I don't think my 2 year olds would have had the patience to let me trace both their palms so this was perfect!)

Today, as I traced their hand for the FIRST TIME, I stopped to look at how they have really grown up.  I wish I had a framed print, a hand stamp, a mold, a paper tracing, or anything of their hand from their birth, or their first birthday.  But now I will trace their hands and feet every year until their 10th birthday and keep it as a memory of how they grow up over the years.

This is the first time I tried a heart in hand card and I loved how simple it is even for kids - and not just for Valentine's, but it can be given on mother's day, father's day, or even birthday!   (As a side note--Keshav was more inquisitive and cooperative than Alisha; she ripped her card in two!)  

Then I asked them to give their dad and I one card each.  That means I basically gifted myself a Valentine's card this year ....but...anyway...you know...it's all for kids ... until they grow up ... and hopefully pamper me ... :D :D

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