Birthday Countdown Photo Shoot | 9 Days Away

9 Days 
I don't know how portrait photographers take pictures of toddlers.  Even with high ISO these kids move SO much, or they don't want to look at the camera, or I have to ask my mom/husband to talk/sing or do anything to grab their attention.  Most of the photos are blurred because of their constant movement, and I was clicking on Manual mode on my camera because photos on any other modes were not turning out great since I wasn’t having any special lights or lamps, so the photos were looking whitish or weird-ish!

For their backdrop I made a star garland.  I cut out stars in different shapes out of silver matte, metallic gold, and shiny gold gift wrapping papers.  I used a transparent nylon thread and glued the same sized stars on both sides of the thread.  This backdrop took me half a day to make, just because I wanted to hide the clear thread between the stars.  There are star garlands on Amazon that would have been worth it!  Or after clicking pictures I realized this looked as good as just gluing the stars on the wall---so much effort could have been saved.  Or I could have bought a large star shaped punch and saved a ton of time that was wasted cutting each star manually.  Anyway!

For the text: It's the chalkboard side of their magnetic puzzle (standing with the support of a box behind it) and I added text on it during editing.  It was blank during the shoot.

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Phew.  9 down, 8 to go!

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