School Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Kids | Classroom Valentine on a Budget

This year is Keshav and Alisha's first Valentine's Day in school.  They'll be having a Valentine's Day card exchange in classroom and kids are encouraged to make cards with an optional choice of giving goodies (but no edibles allowed).  Since they have 20 kids in their class and I'd have to be making 40 cards total, I decided to make 20 non candy Valentine cards with goodies and 20 regular cards.  While it is common to give one same card to every kid in the class, I wanted to try different Valentine's Day card ideas (I need my own creative outlets too!) and I'm sharing some ideas here.

1. Play-Doh Valentine's Card
I saw other ideas on the internet like "Doh you want to be my Valentine" but I preferred this "I think you are a-doh-rable!"

Cookie Cutter Shape Matching | Toddler Activities

There was this box of Wilton 101 cookie cutters lying at home past 3 years.  The box that I had grabbed when I played the White Elephant game at an event.  The box of cookie cutters that I did not use because the pieces were so large and I never baked such big cookies.  So one day when I was cleaning and organizing the garage and saw these plastic, colorful, cookie cutters in 101 shapes, I knew just how to use them for a non-cookie purpose!

cookie cutter shape matching activity

Snack Ideas for Kids in Preschool

In the first week that Keshav and Alisha started preschool, after 2 days of sending carrots in their snack box I realized they spent so much time trying to chew the raw carrots that they didn't end up eating the other snacks.  On the 3rd day I got a note attached to the box from their teacher saying I'm sending too much food and that their snack time is only 15 minutes!  By day 4 I was scratching my head because I needed more snack ideas to pack for a preschooler!  By the end of the week, I tried to keep their snacks simple and was hoping they were eating it within the time limit, and that they would come back home with an empty box.  After all, that's one of the most happy moments for a mother to see her child eat, and eat well!

Bottles and Lids Matching Activity for Toddlers

Toddlers have different phases and interests each month, as I have noticed.  One month they are suddenly interested in puzzle activities, the next month they are obsessed about pouring from one container into another, the next month it's something else. Some things change in a snap within a week too!

When I noticed them opening and closing boxes and bottles past some weeks, I created a bottle and lid matching activity for them.