Bottles and Lids Matching Activity for Toddlers

Toddlers have different phases and interests each month, as I have noticed.  One month they are suddenly interested in puzzle activities, the next month they are obsessed about pouring from one container into another, the next month it's something else. Some things change in a snap within a week too!

When I noticed them opening and closing boxes and bottles past some weeks, I created a bottle and lid matching activity for them.

Crayon Resist Secret Message Watercolor Painting | Activities for Kids

One of the weekly morning activities for Alisha & Keshav is painting.  I fold and put out the sturdy diaper boxes as their "easel", cut out a paper from their easel roll as their "canvas", pour out the Crayola washable watercolor paints in the palette, give them paint brushes and let them paint away.

This time I tried something new.  It's called crayon resist watercolor painting.

Heart in Hand Card | Valentine's Day Activity Idea for Kids

Today evening I did a Valentine's Day activity with kids and we made the heart in hand card.  I'd been meaning to do this throughout the day but today our breakfast and lunch and nap and snack and all timings were messed up and my schedule was thrown out the window!

Birthday Photoshoot | 6 Days To Go

6 Days –
I dressed them up in a black & white theme today.  I love Alisha's classy white dress (I bought it in Thailand last year)!