Birthday Photoshoot Countdown | 7 Days

7 Days –
I rarely dressed them up in same clothes since their birth, so for this birthday countdown photoshoot I'm kinda missing the "twin" factor that a photo of twins has--especially when wearing the same clothes!

For their backdrop I made paper wheels aka paper flowers from different patterned papers I had.  I made a couple of paper wheels every day whenever I found the time, that's how I had 10 of these by this day for the photoshoot.

To place them I wanted 1) a mix of light and dark colors, 2) larger and smaller paper wheels alternatively, 3) the paper wheels overlapping each other, and 4) to make the backdrop look wide since I did not make many of these paper wheels (note: I should have made more of the larger ones than the smaller ones).

For the text: I had the cardboard portion (the bottom part) of their large 18x12" art pad (for all their scribbling and coloring).  I placed that with the support of a box and added the text on Photoshop during editing.

And here's a behind-the-scenes photo of Alisha who, with a straight face, told me "NO" and went to put her head down on the hand-rest of the sofa when I asked to stand at the spot and give me one more smile for a photo :-)

Phew.  7 down, 6 days to go!

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