Birthday Countdown | 8 More Days

8 Days –
I was apprehensive about them pulling the backdrop down.  They get excited seeing new things and they are (almost) 2 year olds  so I had less hope for the paper chain backdrop staying intact for the birthday countdown photoshoot today but to my surprise my kids didn't bother or even touch the paper chain garland!

 For their backdrop I used regular A4 sheets of paper in pastel colors.  I did not have any theme or color combination in mind -- I just had 5 sheets in each of those 3 colors and I had to add a few white ones to increase the width of the garland.

I realized it later that I should have made the paper chain a little longer, placed the paper chain backdrop a little higher, and should have made it wider.  Anyway!

For the text: It's their cookie sheet (that's used for their magnetic toys) balanced against a box (because I couldn't find anything else!) and text was added later.

And here's my favorite photo from the photoshoot today: 

Phew. 8 down, 7 days to go!

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