Crayon Resist Secret Message Watercolor Painting | Activities for Kids

One of the weekly morning activities for Alisha & Keshav is painting.  I fold and put out the sturdy diaper boxes as their "easel", cut out a paper from their easel roll as their "canvas", pour out the Crayola washable watercolor paints in the palette, give them paint brushes and let them paint away.

This time I tried something new.  It's called crayon resist watercolor painting.

Crayon resist is an art technique in which you draw with any colored crayon on a paper and then paint the paper with watercolor (on top of the crayon too).  Once the paint almost starts to dry up, the crayon shows through the watercolor and creates a nice effect once it's completely dried.

When you specially use white crayon and you draw your images or write words on paper, you don't see white color crayon on white paper unless you hold it at an angle or over a window.  But when you paint over it and the words show through, it's almost like a secret message being displayed, and it's fun for kids to discover!  My twins are 2 year old but this secret message watercolor painting activity for grown up kids will be so much more fun.

I drew lines and shapes and wrote alphabets and numbers.  You could draw a whole scene with house and trees and what nots.  Or you could draw moon, stars, planets, and have kids paint with blue and black paints.  So many options!  I hope your kids have as much fun with this secret message watercolor painting as mine did.

If you ever thought how a white crayon in the crayon box was ever going to be you go :-)

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