Popsicle Stick Activity for Toddlers | Activity Ideas for Kids

Because it is cold and it is raining these days, because I'm looking for simple and easy indoor activity ideas for kids these days, because my kids are losing interest in store-bought toys these days, because as they are growing their attention span is decreasing these days -- I came up with this popsicle stick activity for kids.

The packs of popsicle sticks aka ice cream sticks aka craft sticks I have seen are usually either the original plain wood sticks with no colors, or comes in a pack of only 6 colors.  For me, teaching just 6 colors won't do at this point since Alisha knows 11 colors (Keshav is still learning).

So I bought a pack of plain wooden craft sticks and colored them with two layers of Crayola Washable watercolor paints.  I should have used acrylic colors, because after the watercolor paint dried up the texture was not smooth.  So then I brushed Mod Podge on all the sticks so that the colors don't come off on my kids hands and so that the surface is smooth.  In either case, I think if you go the painting-your-own-craft-stick route, you should put a layer of Mod Podge to seal the paint colors on the craft sticks.  On a side note: The box of Crayola paints doesn't come with black color, so I used black markers on the sticks for black sticks, and black marker + white paint to make grey color sticks.

I know it sounds like a lot of effort, but once the colorful popsicle sticks are ready --- you can have numerous activities with them.  Once I painted all the sticks I went about doing other work while the paint dried up.  Then I brushed Mod Podge all over the sticks and left it overnight to dry and went to sleep.

Then I took an empty box of blueberries that already comes with slits.  Kids had to insert the popsicle sticks into the slits.  While they picked the sticks they learned colors, and while they inserted the sticks in the slits (there you go--that's a tongue twister for you) they developed fine motor skills that required concentration--which they lack immensely as they turn close to 2 years of age in a few weeks. *rolling eyes*

Once they put all the colored sticks inside (which fit in perfectly so that's my storage box for the craft sticks right there), they simply had to open the box, take the sticks out, and start again.

Keshav enjoys these fun activity ideas more than Alisha does.  I am witnessing right in front of my eyes how every kid is different!  Well, I hope you and your child likes the activity ideas I share here.  Let me know if you do and share some of your fun ideas with me too.


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