-- for all these --

For all the nights you woke up crying
Sometimes spoiling my sleep every two hours

For all the early mornings you woke up before me
And pulled my hair to wake me up

For all the fuss during bottlefeeding
And for biting me so bad when nursing

For all the food you threw on the floor
And spit some on my face on my clothes on my hair

For all the toys you threw under the sofa
Making me bend to pick and clean over and over

For all the fuss you made during meal times
And tested my patience and wasted my time

For all my smiles and kisses and love and hugs
And all my efforts that go in vain

For all the pain in my back in my shoulder
In my ears in my head in my legs
In my arms in my knees

There will be a payback time one day
And I will remind you of every single incident
So be prepared
Because now your mom
Has turned into a momster
The End.

-- Nisha

March 2016

P.S.: I kinda still love you. I have no choice.
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