Aluminum Foil Surprise Activity for Kids | Birthday Countdown Ideas

Birthday Countdown: ◙ 18 days to go: Aluminum Foil Surprise 

On this day I gave them an 'Aluminum Foil Surprise' activity. I traced the outer lines of 20+ small objects from their toy box on a large sheet of paper, then wrapped those objects in aluminum foil, placed in a container with depth, & taped some twines from one side of the container to another.

With a pair of tongs & using only one hand, they had to pick the wrapped object, guess what it was, unwrap it, & place it on the correct spot. Amidst all the wrapped objects, there were 2 empty ones just covered in layers of foil for fun & to confuse them, & 2 party poppers were wrapped with a note  that read "Happy Birthday Month!"

I first wrapped the party popper in a clingwrap & then with foil, just in case they tear the foil roughly & the party popper tears too.  Some objects were smaller than the others, some looked small but were heavier than others. Some they got out easily, whereas picking some were challenging but they kept going. This is a good gross motor skill activity for toddlers that I turned into a pre-birthday surprise activity for my soon-to-be 6 year olds. Looking at the timestamps, this game kept them busy for 30 minutes & they enjoyed a lot. 

Unwrapping a mystery object & an activity full of surprises — who wouldn't like it?! :)


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