Birthday Cake Craft for Kids | Decorate Your Own Cake Activity

Birthday Countdown: ◙ 20 days to go: Birthday Cake Craft  

On this day, their note said:

For your countdown craft activity, I'm going to give you a paper birthday cake...
Use pompoms and paper and stickers for frosting, and let's see what you make!

I printed a cake template, and cut circles and rectangle "sprinkles", and made paper roses from Crayola construction paper, punched out flowers from a flower punch, gave some pieces of crepe paper streamers, ribbon, pompoms, stickers, glue, and a pair of scissors for their birthday cake craft activity.

Open-ended cake craft like this one kept them busy as they used their creative skills and decided how they wanted to decorate their "birthday cake". Similarly, you can print out a cupcake template and have a "decorate your cupcake" activity.

As a variation, you can make a 3D version of a birthday cake craft, by wrapping circle or square boxes with plain paper to represent the cake, and have the kids add embellishments on all sides to decorate their cake.



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