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Birthday Countdown: ◙ 22 days to go: Puffy birthday-themed stickers ◙

On this day my kids got a simple, small, but cute gift: birthday themed puffy stickers

Kids love stickers in all forms, colors, shapes, and sizes. My kids have a box they keep all their new stickers in. And especially the cutest prettiest stickers never get used and they keep saving it for later. I think they got that from me. 😁

I got these sticker sheets from Bangkok in my last trip to Thailand. If you type "birthday stickers for kids" on Amazon, Google (shopping), or Etsy, you will get a plethora of stickers in all shapes, sizes, colors, styles, and themes. Puffy stickers, or make your own face stickers, or stickers with text, or decorative window gel clings. If your child likes stickers, it can be a nice and easy addition (in a small budget) to their birthday goodies, or a birthday countdown. 


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