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Birthday Countdown: ◙ 23 days to go: Pass the Parcel game 

This was the first day of their birthday countdown. On this day my kids played Pass the Parcel for the first time. This game is also known as Hot Potato. In fact, Pass the parcel is a fun game to play when having an afternoon tea-party, evening dinner get-together with family, children's birthday party, on any occasion such as New Years, outdoors at a weekend picnic, or a casual meetup with friends and family. Adding forfeits for pass the parcel game is a great idea to make it challenging and interesting for people of all ages.

How to play Pass the Parcel:
You can choose what you want to pass around as a parcel: a thing (pillow, ball, etc), or a bowl with forfeit cards inside. Everyone sits in a circle and passes the parcel around as the music goes on, and when one person stops the music, the person holding the parcel has to pick a forfeit at random from the bowl and follow what it says. Restart the music and the game goes on until everyone gets a turn. 

Forfeit Cards:
In this Pass the Parcel game, you will get 4 PDF files consisting of 40 forfeits and 8 blank cards. Print in color on 8.5”x11” letter size printer paper or preferably on cardstock. Select “Fit” since the printable area is outside the regular 1” printer margin. Write your own choice of forfeits on the blank cards. Cut the cards and enjoy playing pass the parcel!

Pass the Parcel Game Variation:
You may choose to wrap small gifts along with a forfeit in each layer. Start the music and pass this parcel around. When the music stops, the person unwraps the first layer of giftwrap and performs what’s written on the forfeit card and keeps the gift. You may choose to wrap every layer in a newspaper too. The music starts again, pass the parcel of gifts, perform the forfeits, and continue the game until everyone gets a gift and has done the challenge on their forfeit.

It's a simple game to put together, whether it's for 2 kids or a large group of people, it's enjoyable for both kids and adults at any kind of event or a casual get together, and the forfeits make it even more fun. Click to get Pass the Parcel Forfeits.

We finished the game in 1 hour with more than 20 forfeits, ranging from easy ones like 'sing a nursery rhyme' to challenging like 'make a paper airplane with only one hand' that they attempted. You'll be surprised at how much my kids were enjoying this game; I sure was surprised!

I'm sure your family will love this Pass the Parcel game too.


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