25+ Birthday Countdown Ideas for Kids | Birthday Countdown Surprise Ideas

For my twins' 6th birthday, I planned a 24-day birthday countdown. The idea was to give them one thing each day - a craft, a game, an activity, a thing, an edible treat, or an experience, and repeat. I wrote rhyming notes for each day and put the notes in the little drawers of the advent calendar shadow box that I turned into their birthday countdown shadow box. Each day my kids had NO clue what they would get because I planned and prepared everything when they slept, and they received a new surprise each day. They loved their birthday countdown so much, and bring it up in our conversations so many times, that I can tell it was one of the best decisions I made this year to make not just their birthday but their entire month memorable. In this post I'm sharing what we did for their birthday countdown.

Birthday Countdown:

◙ 23 days to go: Pass the Parcel Game 
◙ 22 days to go: Puffy Birthday-Theme Stickers 
◙ 21 days to go: Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows 
◙ 20 days to go: Birthday Cake Craft 
◙ 19 days to go: Bake & Decorate Cookies 
◙ 18 days to go: Aluminum Foil Surprise 
◙ 17 days to go: Giant Birthday Word Search 
◙ 16 days to go: Birthday Donuts 
◙ 15 days to go: Birthday Banner Craft 
◙ 14 days to go: Play-Doh Station 
◙ 13 days to go: Popcorn and Movie Night 
◙ 12 days to go: Blindfold Games 
◙ 11 days to go: Birthday Jenga 
◙ 10 days to go: Money Bank 
◙ 9 days to go: Birthday Lotto  
◙ 8 days to go: Birthday Crown Craft 
◙ 7 days to go: Pancake Bar 
◙ 6 days to go: Birthday Picture Crossword 
◙ 5 days to go: Birthday Paint Party 
◙ 4 days to go: Birthday Bingo 
◙ 3 days to go: Punch Box 
◙ 2 days to go: Birthday Placemat 
◙ 1 day to go: Birthday Balloon Games 
◙ The night before: Read Birthday-themed Books 
◙ 0 days to go: Birthday treasure hunt and PiƱata 


Some more ideas to make the child's birthday special:

◙  Birthday interview 

    Watch the birthday interview with my kids for their 4th birthday in January 2019. They were young so the questions were simple, but as they grow up I can ask more reflective ones. Click here to get the printable of birthday interview for kids.

◙  Birthday coupon book for kids 

    Watch the video of this fun coupon book I gave to my kids in May 2020, but giving one for a birthday countdown is a good idea too, because the coupons have so many choices to make great memories around the year.

◙  Birthday countdown photoshoot 

    I did a 10-day birthday countdown photoshoot for my kids for their 2nd birthday, and each day I put up a different backdrop, different clothes, and clicked their pictures. They grow up so fast :)


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