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In this post on Best Baby Toys for 6 Months and Up I'm sharing what toys I gave to my kids, when, and why.  I will also include some toys that my kids enjoyed at other people’s homes, and some that I wish I’d got for them at the right time had I known earlier.

When I was choosing toys for my twins when they turned 6 months old, I was looking for:

- toys with lights and tunes to develop sense of sight and sound
- toys with lots of colors and illustrations
- toys that need picking, gripping, and holding
- toys with textures to develop sense of touch
- toys that can shake to develop hand grasp
- toys that can be shaken to produce sound to understand cause and effect
- toys that move to encourage interaction and attract attention
- toys that encourage crawling
- toys with melodies, songs, phrases, music

Here’s the format of what you will see in the rest of this post:
1. Toy name, picture, and link to the toy
2. Manufacturer recommended age in brackets
3. What I like about it

Toys for 6 months old and up: 

  • lots of colors, patterns, and rattle
  • learn to grasp, roll and toss the ball: good for developing motor skills
  • soft and safe

  • BPA-free balls in different textures, good sensory balls for growing infants

  • Colors, rattle, develop motor skills, learn to grasp and shake the plastic ball or squeeze the fabric ball, later learn to bounce-throw-catch-kick the ball.

  • Easy for child to grasp and twist, has different colors, and has 4 different teething surfaces
  • The other teether my kids had was Nuby Keys teether but I heard many people say that the gel within came out.  So for that reason I am not suggesting it even though this never happened in my case. There were days I put the Nuby teether inside freezer so the gel froze and the frozen, cold keys were good for my kids during their teething pains. 

  • Soft book, colorful, peekaboo flaps, introducing small books for child

 6.  VTech Wiggle & Crawl Ball (6 months+)
  • Battery-operated ball wiggles, encourages child to crawl and chase it
  • 45+ melodies, sounds, phrases, press buttons to listen, and 5 flashing lights to attract attention

7.  VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck (6 months - 3years)
  • learn colors, numbers, listen to melodies, develop motor skills, put balls (called rocks for this) in dump truck and lift hinge to unload, press buttons
  • pull along toy to drag around the house encourages walking in later months

  • There are over 8 tunes and sound effects and there are balls in 6 different colors vibrate on Dino's body and balls could come from his mouth or tail -- and all of this sounds weird but this is a nice toy for 6 month olds who would like to crawl to get the balls and put on Dino's vibrating body again, not so much for 1 year olds.

9.  This is a popular stacking ring set: 
But I'd much rather give my children the #11 Stack & Roll Cups, or this:
VTech Stack and Sing Rings (6 months - 3 years)
or at a later age this Melissa & DougRainbow Stacker (18 months+) set that is made of wood unlike Fisher-Price and VTech's plastic sets.

10.  Fisher-Price Stack and Explore Blocks (6 months - 3 years)
  • stack on top of one another or nest the blocks inside one another
  • learn colors, count dots, see illustrations, learn numbers
  • stacking develops motor skills and understand balance
      … I wish these were 10 cups altogether instead of just 5!!

  • Can stack cups on top of one another, can nest it inside one another, can put correct cups together to form a ball, can learn colors in toddler years
  • I use these in the bath tub too and even though they sink my kids like to play with these in water and we learn colors while we bathe too!
  • My kids could not grip these stacking cups firmly at 6 months and if they’d swing their hands or lose balance while crawling and fall they hurt themselves with these plastic cups so if this happens with you too then I’d suggest giving at a later age (not at 6 months)…perhaps 8 months.


12.  Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo (age: able to hold head up independently until unable to climb out)
  • The jumperoo I had was a different one bought in Thailand (not the one in picture below).  There are so many options with various colors and themes and sounds.
  • I love how the seat rotates 360 degrees, there's light, sound, pressing lots of buttons, lot of colors, music, and lot of jumping for the kid and reaching around to touch, encourages lots of skills and healthy development
  • My kids started using it from 7th month onward, and if there were times when I needed work done instead of having them crawl around the house I would put one kid in the jumperoo and one buckled up in the bouncer!

13.  LeapFrog Scout's Learning Lights Remote (6 months - 3 years)
  • 65+ songs and tunes, 10+ lights in different shapes
  • learn numbers, counting, shapes, weather, and many words and phrases
  • handy, easy to carry for travel, small in size but lots of learning

  • 50+ songs, tunes and phrases
  • teaches body parts, letters, colors, counting, etc

15.  LeapFrog My Pal Violet (6 months-3 years)
  • can connect puppy to phone/tablet/computer to personalize puppy with your child's name and favorite things
  • 40+ songs, melodies, and lullabies
  • can learn colors, counting, first words, and so on

16.  B. Toys B. One Two Squeeze Blocks (6 months - 3 years)
These are are 10 blocks from 1 to 10in same square shape and size but in various colors, embossed with numbers and different objects and patterns

17.  B. Elemenosqueeze (6 months - 3 years)
These are 26 blocks from A to Z in various shapes and sizes, embossed with alphabets and different objects and patterns

  • Both together make excellent learning experience for kids while having fun stacking creatively and learning balance.  Unlike Mega Blocks or Lego blocks - these B. Toys blocks can be squeezed.

18.  VTech Turn and Learn Driver (6 months - 3 years)
  • lots of songs and melodies and colors and buttons and lights and motor skills and pretend play!


19.  VTech Magic Star Learning Table (6 months - 3 years)
  • lot of colors to learn and buttons to press and page to flip and baby phone for pretend play and numbers to learn and wheel to turn and 65+ melodies and songs.
  • you can choose to switch the mode to Spanish language (but this is one reason I did not buy this toy)

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