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Since last week we'd been seeing a lot of Christmas trees, Santa Claus, snowflakes, reindeers, snowman, and with that you know it's the month of December.  Keshav has been fascinated by snowman and he loves enacting how snowman feels cold.  I even came up with a "snowman song" to sing to them when they eat their food.  And so I thought - may be an activity with snowman will be exciting for them.  And I came up with this Snowman Puzzle - Build Your Own Snowman!

On a large white cardstock sheet I drew snowman, colored it with markers, and cut each part out.

So our snowman had a black and grey hat, christmas holly (green leaves and red berries), eyes and eyebrows, orange carrot nose, happy and smiling mouth, purple scarf, brown sticks, red mittens, and blue buttons.  With that, I also was teaching them colors.

[On a side note: I called it "happy and smiling mouth" when I played this snowman puzzle with my kids because these days Keshav is being very cranky and crying for everything.  So I keep repeating the words 'happy' and 'smiling' all day to show any baby on the diaper box as happy and smiling, any thing I can point out to show him to be happy and smiling!]

Once all the snowman puzzle pieces are put together, this is how our "happy snowman" looks like.

I drew the same snowman on a small piece of paper as a guide so they can look at what they are supposed to make.  Keshav and Alisha were almost 23 months old here.  They were not able to put the whole snowman puzzle together on their own.  But I would demonstrate how to place the parts, ask them questions (for example: does the carrot nose go here?), build our snowman, then start all over again.

They had so much fun and so did I making this snowman puzzle activity for them!

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