Valentine's Day Classroom Card Exchange | Valentine Card Sayings for Kids School

Phew.  Last night I finally finished all the non-candy valentine's day classroom cards for kids and I'm sharing them here real quick.  The pictures are self-explanatory so I'll save the words and save your time too.  Here's a glance at all the cards at once:

My kids are 5 year olds so I had them write one separate hand-written card along with these and I got them involved in the process -- I typed out with them beside me, I taped the goodies and asked them to stick on empty space.  Simple stuff.

If you don't want to buy mazes, you can print a picture of a maze online from one of the many blogs that have it as a free printable.  That's what I did last time to make the maze valentine card.

Instead of handwritten valentine cards like I did two years ago in this blog post about Classroom Valentine on a Budget when I didn't have a printer, this time I printed them out and saved time.  This time because I lost Photoshop from my laptop when it crashed, I drew boxes and text boxes on Microsoft Word, aligned the text and left space for the goodies to be taped onto the cardstock paper.  Really easy peasy that you can do.  Unless you don't have time for this stuff and would rather buy Valentine cards and goodies from stores (like Dollar Tree or Target) - which is what I'm totally doing for next year!!!

There are a few more cards I had made to go along with cute erasers for kids, with sayings like "Our friendship can never be erased", etc later in the night and didn't click pictures of.

I hope you found these valentine day card saying ideas helpful.  Happy Valentine's Day!

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