10+ Toddler Meals | Lunch Dinner Meal Ideas | Feeding my 15 month old toddlers

These are some of the lunches and dinners that I have served Keshav and Alisha in the past 2 months.  No, they have not eaten everything off the plate.  On some days they reject pretty much everything offered to them.  That's why I keep various foods, vegetables, and fruits on hand - never know which food they may give the privilege to enter their mouth.  Fortunate are the moms whose kids love to eat food without being fussy and messy!

We are a family of vegetarians and I try to incorporate the 1 vegetable, 1 fruit, 1 dairy, and 1 protein intake for their meals (whenever I can).  Here are pictures of some of their lunch and dinner plates* ---

*Please remember, the quantity of food showed here is for TWO kids.

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