10+ Toddler Meals | Lunch Dinner Meal Ideas | Feeding my 15 month old toddlers

These are some of the lunches and dinners that I have served Keshav and Alisha in the past 2 months.  No, they have not eaten everything off the plate.  On some days they reject pretty much everything offered to them.  That's why I keep various foods, vegetables, and fruits on hand - never know which food they may give the privilege to enter their mouth.  Fortunate are the moms whose kids love to eat food without being fussy and messy!

We are a family of vegetarians and I try to incorporate the 1 vegetable, 1 fruit, 1 dairy, and 1 protein intake for their meals (whenever I can).  Here are pictures of some of their lunch and dinner plates* ---

*Please remember, the quantity of food showed here is for TWO kids.

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  1. Woooww So much variety where do you live. I would like to send mine to your home too. In return I will do the dishes. I admire you a lot how you are able to take care of twins. With single Kid (Siddharth), who is 2 I am not able to achieve 50% what you are doing. He is very picky eater after coming from work unable to cook so many things so end up with rhymes and feeding him myself instead of giving him a chance to self feed. If you are around San Jose let me know. I would like to plan playdates for kids.