Coupon Book for Kids | Fun Coupons for Kids at Home

I had a bunch of raffle tickets that kids had got from school but we didn't participate in it and they were lying around.  While looking for ideas on how to use them at home, I created a "quarantine coupon book" out of the cards and printed out different activities for kids to use the "coupons" for.  Shelter-in-place in Bay Area has been extended for another month, so we're trying to make it fun as we stay quarantined indoors.

While I reused the raffle tickets to make coupons for kids, I created two variations of coupons as PDF files that you can print.  They are available to purchase on Etsy, and you can find more details on the individual listings of Style 1 Quarantine Coupon Book and Style 2 Coupon Book

If you want to give these coupons to your kids, or as a gift to kids of friends or family members' you adore, feel free to select from:

Style 1:


Style 2:


When I gave the coupon book gift to kids today, I told them although it says for May 2020 these coupons do not expire.  The only condition is: they can choose any one coupon to use per day, no more.  That's a difficult choice to make, but they're going to learn some decision making skills.

I hope they'll make good ones.

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